Terms and Conditions - please read before posting on wedndays.co.uk

    By using the 'wedndays.co.uk' service you herby agree to the terms and conditions set out below. If you do not agree with anything then please do not proceed to use.
    If you have any queries or questions please email us at fairytales@wedndays.co.uk

  • Wedndays does not accept responsibility for any loss, damage, mis information listed, payment issues or non occurrence of a job set up as a consequence of contact between customers and professional trades people through the wedndays site.

  • Wedndays reserves the right to remove any listing / post / profile deemed using inappropriate language on the website.

  • The customer and tradespeople are solely responsible for all initial contact and ongoing contact made between said parties.

  • Trades persons setting up a profile agree to pay wedndays a fee of £12 per quarter after which time there is no obligation to stay on Payment will be due in advance of the coming quarter and subsequent following quarters.

  • For the purposes of invoicing a quarter equates to 91 days.

  • The fee of £12 is a special low cost advertising offer that is payable in advance of the 3 months, quarter upon registration to cover the following 3 months, quarter via paypal

  • Wedndays reserves the right to change the fees at any given time with a weeks email notice. If fees are altered the new fee would not be taken until the users next payment is due.

  • Wedndays reserves the right to remove a profile without notice if a fee has not been paid within the invoiced timeframe. All payments are due within 7 days of invoicing.

  • Wedndays reserves the right to access information on profiles and posts in order to check authentication. No information will be passed on to third parties.

  • Wedndays does not accept liability for hacked accounts. Although will do all it can to insure website security this end.

  • Wedndays reserves the right to review and if need be investigate feedback left by a customer before it is listed on the website. Wedndays controls feedback to ensure authentication and reserves the right to not list feedback.

  • Any information or photos listed by the customer or trades persons is done so at there own risk.

  • You agree not to copy or use any photos, emails, statements, invoices, logos, or the wedndays name and title of where your happy ever after starts without prior written permission from wedndays.

  • You agree not to mis use wedndays for any unlawful purposes. And listing on this site is the sole responsibility of the customer or trades persons.

  • Wedndays will not be held liable for any tax avoidance made by professional trades and all persons are solely responsible for declaring any work undertaken for tax purposes.

  • Wedndays reserves the right to alter the website for improvements at any given time. And alter terms and conditions without prior notice although notification of any changes will be made available via email.