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To Have and To Hold (Back)

Weddings are amazing things as you make vows of a lifetime accepting your partner for all that they are.

But do we hold back too much on what we really want?
Wedding planning and the day itself are fraught with a whole spectrum of emotions, thoughts of all kinds whizzing around your head 24/7 though British as we are many of the less positive thoughts we tend to suppress mostly for an easy life holding back on what we think about something or someone. Dreaming of the most perfect day can set high expectations and so why dare to rock the boat.

We asked some of our wedding blog readers what they wanted to scream and shout and get angry about..

Here’s a few of their responses, can you relate? Post your comments below

“Be more interested” to some of my friends

“NO” to everyone who made me feel like I had to do something i didnt want to just to suit their feelings

“Lets just elope!!!” to my hubby 2b

“I don’t want to use you” to the hairdresser who I felt obliged to have

“I don’t want your money” to my MIL who offered to pay for the reception but wanted to make all the desicions which was basically the opposite to everything I suggested!

“What the hell are you thinking get changed already” to the 3 yes 3 people who thought they would wear a white weddingy looking dress to MY wedding

What do you want to scream about? – where your happy ever after starts


We could be heroes


What is a hero?  Someone who does something amazing, adventurous and awe inspiring.

Sounds to me like the feelings one would have on their wedding day.  All the months of planning, nerves and spine tingling excitement reaching a huge dramatic adrenaline rush has all the makings of a heroic Hollywood blockbuster.

Marvel and DC Comic book fans are choosing to share their joyous occasion with their favourite comic book superhero’s.

Here are some pics of various hero inspired weddings from across the globe….comment below which one is your favourite? who would you dress up as?

Would you consider batman for your reverend?

batman reverand

This fantastical wedding of Ryan Jeziorski and Ali Butrym in Texas had the whole congregation getting involved. Brilliant.


Spiderman caught his bride in his web, fantastic photography by KJell Roar Bjornsen


And Captain America came to the rescue in this cavern

captain america

Comic styled pop art at its best (a great idea for an alternative photo booth)


And all superheroes are in need of a trusted companion

superman dog

Be a hero if just for one day……

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Tumble down the rabbit hole


Since our first encounter of “Alice’s adventures in Wonderland” in 1865 we have had an ongoing fascination with this wonderful nonsense fantasy.

Alice’s fall into this mystical world could very well be reckoned with the fall into the wacky world of planning your own wedding.
The words ‘im getting married’ may well path a way to eccentricities from otherwise normally logical friends and family members. Undoubtedly you will experience many challenges and riddles to solve along the way.
There may be times of queen of hearts ‘be off with his head’ moments and unrule from your deck of cards.

queen of hearts

But hopefully you’ll have a caterpillar in your life to guide you through the maze.  And just like Alice you are sure to come out of the process a giant of new strengths and capabilities.


Thanks to the imagination of Lewis Carroll and his illustrator Sir John Tenniel, vivid images remain in our souls from childhood memories of Alice and her friends.
With many wedding suppliers now providing a whole host of wonderland bridal paraphernalia you may choose to theme your wedding day around this notorious story tale.

image image image image

Do you ever wonder where your jump down the rabbit hole will take you?? An epic adventure lies in wait for sure…..


photo credits : pixabay, etsy, flavorwire

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With Silver Bells & Cockle Shells



The finishing touches to a wedding is where you can really let your personality shine through.

The little things that make it memorable for you and your guests.

We see alot of talk of favours, I was always partial to a sugared almond but since my delve into the wedding world it seems things have moved on dramatically since the 90’s wedding day.


With personalised sweets, help yourself candy carts are definitely the in thing.

For something a little different how about some miniature succulents to help make the love and your garden grow.

Then theres the added extras of venue decor, the extravagance can reach no limits here from big beautiful bows on chairs, cascades of balloons to twinkling starlit dance floors for the John Travolta in all of us.

Chalk boards with written loved up messages of vital information for your guests is a nice touch.


Tree rounds to rest your cake on, birdcages to accept your wedding cards, lego men to hold your place names, dancing flip flops for your guests, sumptuous chocolate fountains, personalised sparklers….the glorious little extras list can easily grow into your little extra long list.


Though beneath the frills you will always find true the same thing, its just two people who want to make their walk through all the silver bells and cockle shells together.

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photo credits – Pinterest, lego finder, antique nursery rhymes

Have your cake and eat it

Have your cake and eat it

The humble wedding cake has come a long way from the brides pye as it was originally known from the mid 17th century.  History tells it wasn’t so much the major reception piece as it is today but infact used as a way for a lady to accept the proposal of marriage, after receiving from the prospective gentleman a ‘yes’ would be confirmed by slipping a ring into the pie.
This was then given out at the wedding to guests for good luck.

The earliest Pye receipe was noted by Robert May in the 1685 edition of The Accomplisht Cook.  It had an elaborate decorated pastry crust that concealed a filling of oysters, pine kernels, cockscombs, lambstones (testicles), sweetbreads, and spices. Hmmm hooray for sugar…

The pye after time turned into a sweeter brides cake, which was made alongside a grooms cake, fruit cake originally as a sign of prosperity and fertility.
Eventually the grooms cake faded and both cakes were to be joined in matrimony for the rest of time.  Thicker icing leading to the groom having to help his bride ‘cut the cake’ a tradition that has stuck around.

By the early 19th century the brides cake had gained in popularity, with refined sugar being expensive the intricacies and whiteness of ones icing was used to tell a family’s wealth.
Queen Victorias wedding cake weighed 300 pounds and was 3 yards in circumference decorated with pure white sugar and the whitest of white icing forever putting the ‘royal’ Into  “Royal Icing”.


Wedding cake today comes in an array of colours, flavourings, shapes & sizes.  And with cake and baking programs for all to see pretty much anything goes from the traditional stack cake to the elegant Croquembouche to the more modern chandelier styled cakes or the new classic the naked cake!

chandelier cake

So I say let us all have our cake and eat it.


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photo credit – chandelier cake by the wonderful Gadget Cakes

others – pixabay

The Legacy of The Dress


Contemplating what to do with your wedding dress after the confetti has settled?
After putting months or maybe even years into planning your gown, many dreams of how it will look and more than likely a huge chunk of cash on purchasing this one off item you may be finding it hard to think of what to do with all that emotion drenched satin and lace after wearing it for your special day.

bride dress

Here’s a list of some ideas –

Preserving your wedding dress is a wonderful way to keep the memories of your special day alive.  Lovingly wrapped and boxed for you to take a sneak peak whenever you feel for years to come.

Selling your dress has become ever more popular with the price of weddings being rather costly its a good way to recoup some of the well spent money but do bear in mind most will only sell for a quarter of the original price maximum so don’t feel insulted if you don’t get offers for the amount you was expecting.

Donating your dress is a lovely and heartfelt way for  your dress to live another day. Illness and tragedy unfortunately strikes many and this can often lead to financial burdens on families. There are charities set up that help those in need to have a wedding day they would otherwise never be able to afford through the help of donations from the public.

Frame it – if you have a large enough blank wall it would make a spectacular artwork.

Turn it into a cocktail dress, a seamstress could alter your gown, would make a nice addition to your wardrobe for that anniversary dinner.

Save for a christening gown, this is rather a traditional one and really rather sweet, to use the material from your wedding dress for your children’s christening gown, producing an heirloom that could span generations.

Trash the Dress / Rock the Frock what better way to end your wedding day journey than to go crazy with the dress, all that pent up stress involved in arranging ones wedding day to be released in one uber photographic session of you rocking out heavy metal style in your beautiful, pristine, please do not touch wedding dress.  We’re talking paint balling sessions, jumping into the sea, slopping through mud, rolling in the hay and ultimately having a good time, making some amazing memories / photographs in the process. (I rather like the idea of this!)

trash the dress

Whatever you decide to be the legacy of your dress it is sure to remain fondly in your heart forever more.

We would love to hear what you have planned for your wedding dress, please leave your comments below.

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photocredits – pixabay

The Spy Who Loved Me



The Spy Who Loved Me

With themed weddings becoming ever more popular and the anticipation of the new bond film Spectre on its way to our screens this November i thought to do a piece on a bond themed wedding.

Well why ever not?? a heroic spy to save you from the world being destroyed, tuxedos, action, thrills, excitement and last but by no means least sumptuous cocktails.  I mean really whats not to love in our mysterious man of the MI6….(ok so we’ll just ignore the womanising for the better good of this article!)


So we’ll begin with invites these can be easily played around your ‘bond’ theme, below is an idea for your starting point, we’d love to hear your own interpretations.

“Your mission should you wish to accept it….

You are cordially invited by her majesty’s secret service

to witness the marriage of ‘Miss Money Penny’ to ‘Mr Bond’

And for the venue how about the beautiful Heatherden Hall of Pinewood studios, the famous home of the Bond films, this would make an absolutely stunning location for your wedding day.


Hiring casino tables and croupiers would make a nice touch to entertain your guests while photographs are being shot.


The ever famous shaken but not stirred vodka martini is a must for welcome drinks.

If you are having a sit down at your reception then naming your tables after bond villains would add to the secret agent atmosphere.

Speaking of villains Blofelds Turkish angora cat under your arm for some of the photos would really look the part should you know someone who has a friendly white cat you can borrow though i’m sure i’ve seen a very similar furreal in the toy shops!


Transportation is certainly a must for any avid bond fan and arriving in style in an Aston Martin DB5 is the obvious choice  – this is bound to be a popular one with hubby to be.


And if you were thinking of having a photobooth make sure you add some bond-esque props to really bring your bond theme to life.

If all that (the world) is not enough you even have a choice of great songs for your first dance with “For Your Eyes Only” or how about the iconic “Nobody Does it Better” alternatively and as per the title of this blog “The Spy Who Loved Me”.

So go on delve into the fantastical world of cinematic magic with a James Bond themed wedding day because after all diamonds truly are forever…..

We would love to hear your own ideas for a bond themed day, please leave your comments below.

If your looking for any traders to help you fulfil your wedding dreams then don’t forget to check out our website  Wed’n’dayS – where your happy ever after starts.

photo credits – Wikipedia and pixabay

Lets “do the hustle” – into the 70’s

The 1970’s was to welcome a new era of Bell bottoms, Vivienne Westwoods and Ziggy Stardusts who all, amongst many fantastical others in this decade played their part in moving brides away from the more traditional bridal gown to something a little more bohemia.

The contrast of high necks and mutton sleeves which were high fashion in the earlier years of the 70’s were set upon by the realms of romanticism, long floaty satins and heady florals.

Princess Anne wore a high necked, cascading gown in her royal wedding.  Whilst Bianca Jagger showcased the look of the women’s suit to see its favour on to the wedding aisle in a chic tailored YSL white skirted suit.

wedding 70's mag

The 70’s were to pave the way for a bride to be individual and to venture out from the traditional.

Embroidery played heavily as many brides sought out patterns to make their own masterpieces.  This decade also saw the introduction of bridal magazines and the ‘going away’ outfit to showcase the end of your day in style.

wedding embroidery

Why not mix things up a bit, take inspiration from the legends of a bygone decade of freedom, don your rhapsody of satin flounces. Jump on a gleaming Raleigh Chopper and follow the “Love Train” to your future happiness.

wedding 70's wedding bike

photo credits – The Cottage Cheese, Pixabay & pInterest

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Keeping it on a downlow

Many of us will feel compelled to have a big lavish traditional wedding affair, a stupendous ‘do’ to conquer all ‘dos’ that came before – perhaps we have Disney to blame for our childhood expectations of what a wedding should be……

But what becomes of those of us who don’t wish to marry with an audience?  Who quiver at the thought of being centre of attention?

Here we may find ourselves in a difficult scenario, you may want certain bits and pieces of the traditional fluttered throughout your day but not an all singing all dancing drama. Or certain people to attend but not others.

So how do you not offend those that are left out??  And face the consistent questions of when, where and how? And ultimately  “but why??”

Someone will inevitably be distressed despite all best laid plans.  Small ideas you have whispered into the ears of close loved ones can easily become hoisted onto huge raised platforms for all the world and his auntie to see. Before you know it your romantic private wedding day will become unrecognisable from the initial early days of “lets elope!!”

Now I don’t pretend to have all the answers to this one but I certainly would offer the following tips:

  • Be affirmative and clear to all those involved from the start. No point ummin and arring at the suggestion of a procession of long lost friends children trailing you down the aisle when you really want your little yorkshire terrier to do the honours.
  • Keep the faith that those who know and love you well (although possibly be a little disgruntled) will essentially understand.
  • Don’t feel obliged to conform with what everyone else thinks “your” day should be. Stay strong.
  • You will never please everyone so you may as well at least please yourselves.
  • Be open to suggestions, be kind and courteous but stick to your guns.
  • Ultimately don’t become overwhelmed with the plans….you are beginning a life long marriage not having a one day event.

We’d love to hear your tips on “keeping it on a downlow” please comment with your ideas and good/bad experiences to help other wed’n’day-ers along the way.

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Which season should you get married??

A wedding, whilst super “eeeekkkk” exciting can be a tough merriment to get your head around, once the initial screaming of your heart has settled down and you start getting down to the planning of your big day you may find the list of things you need to figure out is longer than you had anticipated.

When and where will normally be the first thing that you think of so with that in mind….

Which season should you get married??  Check out our descriptions and pics below to see which of the seasons you feel more drawn towards

Spring ding dongs –

Gorgeous blue skys revealing a grand reawakening to the year. New life growing around us, sweet smells drifting along on a dandelion airship.
Prospects held high on rainbows, fresh days, right and ready.


Summer loving –

Balmy days, sun kissed waves. Feeling alive, barefooted and beautiful. Red hot beams lighting perfect, happy memories to be made. Vibrancy and eclecticism filling days that never end.


Autumn fall ‘head over heels’ –

Enchanting moonlights and dancing shadows.  Burnt reds, golds & spectacular whizz bangs. Wondrous woodlands, crackling fires and everlasting fairytales to be told.


“Tis the season to get married fa la la la la” –

Ice kissed paths, excited faces, sugarplums hidden in dewy pines.  Dreams of snowflakes, sparkles and glistening ribbons.  Extravagance meets indulgence. Grottos, candles and warm cloaks enveloping  an air  of love to see you through the cold, crisp days.


“Love, all alike, no season knows, nor clime,
Nor hours, days, months, which are the rags of time.” – John Donne

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