Keeping it on a downlow

Many of us will feel compelled to have a big lavish traditional wedding affair, a stupendous ‘do’ to conquer all ‘dos’ that came before – perhaps we have Disney to blame for our childhood expectations of what a wedding should be……

But what becomes of those of us who don’t wish to marry with an audience?  Who quiver at the thought of being centre of attention?

Here we may find ourselves in a difficult scenario, you may want certain bits and pieces of the traditional fluttered throughout your day but not an all singing all dancing drama. Or certain people to attend but not others.

So how do you not offend those that are left out??  And face the consistent questions of when, where and how? And ultimately  “but why??”

Someone will inevitably be distressed despite all best laid plans.  Small ideas you have whispered into the ears of close loved ones can easily become hoisted onto huge raised platforms for all the world and his auntie to see. Before you know it your romantic private wedding day will become unrecognisable from the initial early days of “lets elope!!”

Now I don’t pretend to have all the answers to this one but I certainly would offer the following tips:

  • Be affirmative and clear to all those involved from the start. No point ummin and arring at the suggestion of a procession of long lost friends children trailing you down the aisle when you really want your little yorkshire terrier to do the honours.
  • Keep the faith that those who know and love you well (although possibly be a little disgruntled) will essentially understand.
  • Don’t feel obliged to conform with what everyone else thinks “your” day should be. Stay strong.
  • You will never please everyone so you may as well at least please yourselves.
  • Be open to suggestions, be kind and courteous but stick to your guns.
  • Ultimately don’t become overwhelmed with the plans….you are beginning a life long marriage not having a one day event.

We’d love to hear your tips on “keeping it on a downlow” please comment with your ideas and good/bad experiences to help other wed’n’day-ers along the way.

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One thought on “Keeping it on a downlow”

  1. My top 3 tips after my recent wedding abroad are;
    – stick to your budget: it’s easy to get caught up with adding unnecessary extras when friends or colleagues have had huge expensive weddings, just because it doesn’t cost £30,000 doesn’t mean it can’t be the best wedding ever and everything you always wanted
    – keep quiet: don’t give away too much, otherwise you have people disagreeing with your decisions influencing you and/or your partner to make decisions that please others over yourself
    – enjoy it: it should be the happiest time of your life… certainly not the most stressful

    Also remember to be realistic if your having guests for the ceremony or a reception party then do you really have 200 friends you want to pay per head for or are a lot just acquaintances?! It’s better to have quality rather than quantity especially when it comes to people…. after all it’s the people who make the atmosphere!

    Hope this helps feel free to ask any questions!

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