Drip drip drop little April Showers

couple in the rain

Rumour has it that its good luck to get rain on your wedding day though that may be little comfort as you keep checking the weather forecast in the hope that the rain isn’t heading your way.

Unfortunately the weather is something we can never guarantee and so heres some tips on what to do if the rain clouds turn up as uninvited guests on your perfectly planned day.

Be prepared – don’t expect too much from our seasons, you could have your wedding planned in the height of summer and it still rain.

Don’t let it dampen your mood – If you’ve grown up in this country you’ll have been let down by the weather before it doesn’t mean it can spoil your fun, remember those seaside caravan holidays you had in the rain as a child? Keep a cheery mood and embrace it.


Invest in the wet weather – there’s plenty of very fashionable and very cute wellys, brightly coloured ponchos and parasols to be found.

mr & mrs brolleys

You could even have them monogramed Bride and Groom.

And remember to take advantage of the photo opportunity – speak to your photographer beforehand and check if they have experience of working in wet weather, you can actually get some gorgeous shots when optimising the rainfall.  Don’t forget to bring towels or coverings to put onto walls / benches / steps where you might be wanting to take photos


Happy Splashing :-)

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