We could be heroes


What is a hero?  Someone who does something amazing, adventurous and awe inspiring.

Sounds to me like the feelings one would have on their wedding day.  All the months of planning, nerves and spine tingling excitement reaching a huge dramatic adrenaline rush has all the makings of a heroic Hollywood blockbuster.

Marvel and DC Comic book fans are choosing to share their joyous occasion with their favourite comic book superhero’s.

Here are some pics of various hero inspired weddings from across the globe….comment below which one is your favourite? who would you dress up as?

Would you consider batman for your reverend?

batman reverand

This fantastical wedding of Ryan Jeziorski and Ali Butrym in Texas had the whole congregation getting involved. Brilliant.


Spiderman caught his bride in his web, fantastic photography by KJell Roar Bjornsen


And Captain America came to the rescue in this cavern

captain america

Comic styled pop art at its best (a great idea for an alternative photo booth)


And all superheroes are in need of a trusted companion

superman dog

Be a hero if just for one day……

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