Off to see the wizard


The wonderful world of Oz sees a group of freinds struggling up the yellow brick road, learning new skills along the way, a parody to the wonderful world of wedding planning.

Are you feeling like a little lost Dorothy in Kanzas city. Hold true your family and friends and they will see you through with courage, brains and heart.

In a quest to find that happy place where the birds sing over the glorious rainbow here is our ode to a wizard of Oz themed wedding day.

Let us start this adventure with this champagne dress by Naomi Neoh the detail in the lace is beautiful.

Champagne dress

Pair with of course the iconic ‘theres no place like home’ red slippers…..last minute gitters at the alter? Just give your heels a click! purchase from Harrods

Red slippers

Arranging your seating area, adorn chairs with yellow ribbons around a path of yellow petals for a true yellow brick road feel

Yellow brick road

Don’t forget the wizards tophat for the great and powerful groom.


We love this sophisticated dark, chocolate cake to compliment the theme


And for favours or indeed table names the characters strengths are all you need


Now you are ready to set off to see the wizard the wonderful wizard of Oz

If you’re looking for your piece of this majestical world then be sure to post your requests in the various categories of Wed’n’dayS to find local, reliable wedding trades that can bring the dream to life.