Gift Lifts of the Rich & Famous

In the weird and wonderful world of celebrities we have come to expect hearsay of strange diva like extravagance.

But what occurs when one, or indeed two of these extravagant lifestyles collide into wedding plans.

Normal wedding day excesses are to be superseeded with brilliant gowns, lavish venues and indulgent wedding gifts.

The wedding bells of the rich and famous will produce some almighty wacky gestures in the gift lists departments.

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To celebrate their wedding, Angelina Jolie brought Brad a typewriter that once belonged to legendary US novelist Ernest Hemingway. At $250,000 this typewriter is an iconic piece of history used by Hemingway to write many of his infamous books, including “For Whom The Bell Tolls”.


George Clooney’s bride treated him to 12 handmade cocktail glasses from Venice, along with a 12-piece set of matching silk napkins and napkin holders. The $3,700 set matches the cocktail glasses used at the Hotel Cipriani, which George loves. We’re sure Delboy would approve.

Kanye got his blushing Kardashian bride something equally outrageous: A nude portrait of Kim. In the portrait, entitled ‘Perfect B*tch’ she is wearing only a g-string and Louboutin shoes. Charming!

olive tree

James Righton treated new wife Keira Knightley to a 100 year old olive tree, engraved with the couples initials.

Anne Hathaway received a cow! Animal activists at PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) were so over the moon that the actress chose a vegan menu for her big day, that they sponsored a calf – named Peter – in her honour.

Tom Cruise

Of course Tom Cruise wouldn’t let the side of extravagance down treating Katie Holmes to a £13 million pound Gulfstream jet, extreme luxury travel including a cinema inside.

Now for some of Wed’n’dayS ideas for the ultimate gift registry

Gold snuffer

Feu De Beaumont The Golden Snuffer £69.95 for all your candle putting out needs

Sugar bowl

This beautiful Waterford sugar bowl at £50 would aspire to any afternoon tea plans.


We love the bottle of this Armand De Brignac Ace of Spades Rose’ £475 worth every penny.


This Parchment Check Tea Kettle by MacKenzie Childs would proudly sit in anyone’s kitchen. £130


Which are your favourites? What amazing gifts have you given or received? Comment below to let us know.

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