To Have and To Hold (Back)

Weddings are amazing things as you make vows of a lifetime accepting your partner for all that they are.

But do we hold back too much on what we really want?
Wedding planning and the day itself are fraught with a whole spectrum of emotions, thoughts of all kinds whizzing around your head 24/7 though British as we are many of the less positive thoughts we tend to suppress mostly for an easy life holding back on what we think about something or someone. Dreaming of the most perfect day can set high expectations and so why dare to rock the boat.

We asked some of our wedding blog readers what they wanted to scream and shout and get angry about..

Here’s a few of their responses, can you relate? Post your comments below

“Be more interested” to some of my friends

“NO” to everyone who made me feel like I had to do something i didnt want to just to suit their feelings

“Lets just elope!!!” to my hubby 2b

“I don’t want to use you” to the hairdresser who I felt obliged to have

“I don’t want your money” to my MIL who offered to pay for the reception but wanted to make all the desicions which was basically the opposite to everything I suggested!

“What the hell are you thinking get changed already” to the 3 yes 3 people who thought they would wear a white weddingy looking dress to MY wedding

What do you want to scream about? – where your happy ever after starts


We could be heroes


What is a hero?  Someone who does something amazing, adventurous and awe inspiring.

Sounds to me like the feelings one would have on their wedding day.  All the months of planning, nerves and spine tingling excitement reaching a huge dramatic adrenaline rush has all the makings of a heroic Hollywood blockbuster.

Marvel and DC Comic book fans are choosing to share their joyous occasion with their favourite comic book superhero’s.

Here are some pics of various hero inspired weddings from across the globe….comment below which one is your favourite? who would you dress up as?

Would you consider batman for your reverend?

batman reverand

This fantastical wedding of Ryan Jeziorski and Ali Butrym in Texas had the whole congregation getting involved. Brilliant.


Spiderman caught his bride in his web, fantastic photography by KJell Roar Bjornsen


And Captain America came to the rescue in this cavern

captain america

Comic styled pop art at its best (a great idea for an alternative photo booth)


And all superheroes are in need of a trusted companion

superman dog

Be a hero if just for one day……

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