Tumble down the rabbit hole


Since our first encounter of “Alice’s adventures in Wonderland” in 1865 we have had an ongoing fascination with this wonderful nonsense fantasy.

Alice’s fall into this mystical world could very well be reckoned with the fall into the wacky world of planning your own wedding.
The words ‘im getting married’ may well path a way to eccentricities from otherwise normally logical friends and family members. Undoubtedly you will experience many challenges and riddles to solve along the way.
There may be times of queen of hearts ‘be off with his head’ moments and unrule from your deck of cards.

queen of hearts

But hopefully you’ll have a caterpillar in your life to guide you through the maze.  And just like Alice you are sure to come out of the process a giant of new strengths and capabilities.


Thanks to the imagination of Lewis Carroll and his illustrator Sir John Tenniel, vivid images remain in our souls from childhood memories of Alice and her friends.
With many wedding suppliers now providing a whole host of wonderland bridal paraphernalia you may choose to theme your wedding day around this notorious story tale.

image image image image

Do you ever wonder where your jump down the rabbit hole will take you?? An epic adventure lies in wait for sure…..


photo credits : pixabay, etsy, flavorwire

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