With Silver Bells & Cockle Shells



The finishing touches to a wedding is where you can really let your personality shine through.

The little things that make it memorable for you and your guests.

We see alot of talk of favours, I was always partial to a sugared almond but since my delve into the wedding world it seems things have moved on dramatically since the 90’s wedding day.


With personalised sweets, help yourself candy carts are definitely the in thing.

For something a little different how about some miniature succulents to help make the love and your garden grow.

Then theres the added extras of venue decor, the extravagance can reach no limits here from big beautiful bows on chairs, cascades of balloons to twinkling starlit dance floors for the John Travolta in all of us.

Chalk boards with written loved up messages of vital information for your guests is a nice touch.


Tree rounds to rest your cake on, birdcages to accept your wedding cards, lego men to hold your place names, dancing flip flops for your guests, sumptuous chocolate fountains, personalised sparklers….the glorious little extras list can easily grow into your little extra long list.


Though beneath the frills you will always find true the same thing, its just two people who want to make their walk through all the silver bells and cockle shells together.

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photo credits – Pinterest, lego finder, antique nursery rhymes