Have your cake and eat it

Have your cake and eat it

The humble wedding cake has come a long way from the brides pye as it was originally known from the mid 17th century.  History tells it wasn’t so much the major reception piece as it is today but infact used as a way for a lady to accept the proposal of marriage, after receiving from the prospective gentleman a ‘yes’ would be confirmed by slipping a ring into the pie.
This was then given out at the wedding to guests for good luck.

The earliest Pye receipe was noted by Robert May in the 1685 edition of The Accomplisht Cook.  It had an elaborate decorated pastry crust that concealed a filling of oysters, pine kernels, cockscombs, lambstones (testicles), sweetbreads, and spices. Hmmm hooray for sugar…

The pye after time turned into a sweeter brides cake, which was made alongside a grooms cake, fruit cake originally as a sign of prosperity and fertility.
Eventually the grooms cake faded and both cakes were to be joined in matrimony for the rest of time.  Thicker icing leading to the groom having to help his bride ‘cut the cake’ a tradition that has stuck around.

By the early 19th century the brides cake had gained in popularity, with refined sugar being expensive the intricacies and whiteness of ones icing was used to tell a family’s wealth.
Queen Victorias wedding cake weighed 300 pounds and was 3 yards in circumference decorated with pure white sugar and the whitest of white icing forever putting the ‘royal’ Into  “Royal Icing”.


Wedding cake today comes in an array of colours, flavourings, shapes & sizes.  And with cake and baking programs for all to see pretty much anything goes from the traditional stack cake to the elegant Croquembouche to the more modern chandelier styled cakes or the new classic the naked cake!

chandelier cake

So I say let us all have our cake and eat it.


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photo credit – chandelier cake by the wonderful Gadget Cakes www.gadgetcakes.com

others – pixabay