The Legacy of The Dress


Contemplating what to do with your wedding dress after the confetti has settled?
After putting months or maybe even years into planning your gown, many dreams of how it will look and more than likely a huge chunk of cash on purchasing this one off item you may be finding it hard to think of what to do with all that emotion drenched satin and lace after wearing it for your special day.

bride dress

Here’s a list of some ideas –

Preserving your wedding dress is a wonderful way to keep the memories of your special day alive.  Lovingly wrapped and boxed for you to take a sneak peak whenever you feel for years to come.

Selling your dress has become ever more popular with the price of weddings being rather costly its a good way to recoup some of the well spent money but do bear in mind most will only sell for a quarter of the original price maximum so don’t feel insulted if you don’t get offers for the amount you was expecting.

Donating your dress is a lovely and heartfelt way for  your dress to live another day. Illness and tragedy unfortunately strikes many and this can often lead to financial burdens on families. There are charities set up that help those in need to have a wedding day they would otherwise never be able to afford through the help of donations from the public.

Frame it – if you have a large enough blank wall it would make a spectacular artwork.

Turn it into a cocktail dress, a seamstress could alter your gown, would make a nice addition to your wardrobe for that anniversary dinner.

Save for a christening gown, this is rather a traditional one and really rather sweet, to use the material from your wedding dress for your children’s christening gown, producing an heirloom that could span generations.

Trash the Dress / Rock the Frock what better way to end your wedding day journey than to go crazy with the dress, all that pent up stress involved in arranging ones wedding day to be released in one uber photographic session of you rocking out heavy metal style in your beautiful, pristine, please do not touch wedding dress.  We’re talking paint balling sessions, jumping into the sea, slopping through mud, rolling in the hay and ultimately having a good time, making some amazing memories / photographs in the process. (I rather like the idea of this!)

trash the dress

Whatever you decide to be the legacy of your dress it is sure to remain fondly in your heart forever more.

We would love to hear what you have planned for your wedding dress, please leave your comments below.

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photocredits – pixabay

The Spy Who Loved Me



The Spy Who Loved Me

With themed weddings becoming ever more popular and the anticipation of the new bond film Spectre on its way to our screens this November i thought to do a piece on a bond themed wedding.

Well why ever not?? a heroic spy to save you from the world being destroyed, tuxedos, action, thrills, excitement and last but by no means least sumptuous cocktails.  I mean really whats not to love in our mysterious man of the MI6….(ok so we’ll just ignore the womanising for the better good of this article!)


So we’ll begin with invites these can be easily played around your ‘bond’ theme, below is an idea for your starting point, we’d love to hear your own interpretations.

“Your mission should you wish to accept it….

You are cordially invited by her majesty’s secret service

to witness the marriage of ‘Miss Money Penny’ to ‘Mr Bond’

And for the venue how about the beautiful Heatherden Hall of Pinewood studios, the famous home of the Bond films, this would make an absolutely stunning location for your wedding day.


Hiring casino tables and croupiers would make a nice touch to entertain your guests while photographs are being shot.


The ever famous shaken but not stirred vodka martini is a must for welcome drinks.

If you are having a sit down at your reception then naming your tables after bond villains would add to the secret agent atmosphere.

Speaking of villains Blofelds Turkish angora cat under your arm for some of the photos would really look the part should you know someone who has a friendly white cat you can borrow though i’m sure i’ve seen a very similar furreal in the toy shops!


Transportation is certainly a must for any avid bond fan and arriving in style in an Aston Martin DB5 is the obvious choice  – this is bound to be a popular one with hubby to be.


And if you were thinking of having a photobooth make sure you add some bond-esque props to really bring your bond theme to life.

If all that (the world) is not enough you even have a choice of great songs for your first dance with “For Your Eyes Only” or how about the iconic “Nobody Does it Better” alternatively and as per the title of this blog “The Spy Who Loved Me”.

So go on delve into the fantastical world of cinematic magic with a James Bond themed wedding day because after all diamonds truly are forever…..

We would love to hear your own ideas for a bond themed day, please leave your comments below.

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photo credits – Wikipedia and pixabay