Lets “do the hustle” – into the 70’s

The 1970’s was to welcome a new era of Bell bottoms, Vivienne Westwoods and Ziggy Stardusts who all, amongst many fantastical others in this decade played their part in moving brides away from the more traditional bridal gown to something a little more bohemia.

The contrast of high necks and mutton sleeves which were high fashion in the earlier years of the 70’s were set upon by the realms of romanticism, long floaty satins and heady florals.

Princess Anne wore a high necked, cascading gown in her royal wedding.  Whilst Bianca Jagger showcased the look of the women’s suit to see its favour on to the wedding aisle in a chic tailored YSL white skirted suit.

wedding 70's mag

The 70’s were to pave the way for a bride to be individual and to venture out from the traditional.

Embroidery played heavily as many brides sought out patterns to make their own masterpieces.  This decade also saw the introduction of bridal magazines and the ‘going away’ outfit to showcase the end of your day in style.

wedding embroidery

Why not mix things up a bit, take inspiration from the legends of a bygone decade of freedom, don your rhapsody of satin flounces. Jump on a gleaming Raleigh Chopper and follow the “Love Train” to your future happiness.

wedding 70's wedding bike

photo credits – The Cottage Cheese, Pixabay & pInterest

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